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Pokemon Go Fake/Spoof GPS Location (Hack) Using Fly GPS [All Versions]

The location spoofing app we are going to discuss here is known as Fly GPS with joystick feature that does not require you to have a rooted Android device. However, it requires Android 6.0 Marshmallow. You won’t have to roam around the city in search for the rare Pokémon now, as Fly GPS is the location spoof app which will teleport you to the location manually. How to hack Pokemon Go Location is here with the step guide.

Are you in search of an Android app like Fly GPS Apk that can help you spoof your location in the Pokemon GO game with a joystick? Or maybe you want to step to the location manually to catch rare, legendary, and regional Pokemon by faking location coordinates?

The complete guide is here to show you how to spoof location through Fly GPS app in Pokemon Go game. Now you need not roam here and there in search of the rare Pokemon.

Pokemon Go Location Hack/Spoof Using Fly GPS

Fly GPS app will allow you to step forward with a fake/spoofed GPS location which will help you to virtually teleport your character to any location of your choice using joystick controller while you are sitting comfortably at your home.

Also, you will be provided an on-screen joystick functionality over the Pokémon GO app with Fly GPS so that you can easily navigate/fly your Pokemon character around the area without going back-and-forth between the two apps to change/modify your location. The app is too helpful and handy as you won’t have to waste much of your time on it.

Note: Fly GPS is working fine with the latest version of Pokemon Go as compared to the oldest version, so you need to have an updated version of Pokemon Go. Get your Pokemon Go app updated here.

Process To Use Fly GPS To Hack/Spoof Location In Pokemon Go

The Fly GPS app is very handy so you can use it seamlessly. The app will allow you to quickly spoof location in Pokemon GO. Follow the step-wise guide to use the app properly.


  •  Firstly you need to have Fly GPS app on your Android device. You can quickly download the latest version of Fly GPS app from the link given below:

  • Allow unknown sources from setting located at setting>security>unknown sourcesOnce done! Proceed to next step.
  • Now install the Fly GPS apk file downloaded above.
  • Once the app has been installed successfully. Now you need to configure your Android device by enabling the Developer Mode, which you can do so by following these steps:
  1. Go to the “Settings”.
  2. Scroll down to find “About Phone” option, and then tap on it.
  3. Here you will see your device “Build Number”, tap seven times on the number until you see the message that says, “Developer mode has been enabled”.
  4. Proceed to next point
  • After the developer mode has been enabled on your android device, you have to follow these steps to enable mock locations:
  1. Go to the “Settings”.
  2. Scroll down until you see the “Developer Options” menu, and then tap on it.
  3. Now, scroll down a little bit and look for “Mock location app” option under the “Debugging” section.
  4. Tap on the “Mock location app” option, a popup window will appear, and then you will need to select “Fly GPS”.
  • To enable the “Location” or “GPS” settings. Turn on the Location, and then set the GPS/Locating method to “Low Accuracy” or “Only GPS” mode (ignore if already done).
  • Make sure to turn “Location History” on. If, in case, that option is turned off then please turn it on.
  • Launch FLY GPS app on your device. The app will show you your current location on the map, based on your device’s GPS coordinates.
  • Now, the app will allow you to select a fake/spoofed location for your device. You can do so by simply tapping on any area nearby you.

Remember: It is important to tap nearby your current location radius because selecting any location that is far away from you will trigger cheating in the servers and you may incur a soft ban from Niantic. You have been warned.

  • After the location has been marked on the map, you have to tap on the popup that says, “Please select the menu.”
  • Now the three other option will be seen as a popup in which you have to select “GPS Service Run“, which might be the first option in the popup.
  • Then a second popup menu will appear with three options, you have to tap on the last one that says, “JoyStick Location Mode – (Pokemon)”.
  • Hurray! Now your spoofed GPS location has been successfully configured and the joystick for Pokémon Go has been enabled too.

How To Check If the Pokemon Go Location Hack/Spoof Is Working?

For the testing of the app and it’s feature, Launch the Pokémon Go app on your device. You will notice that your Pokemon character is at the location you fixed earlier on the Fly GPS app.

Also, you will notice that there is an on-screen joystick on the Pokémon Go game that you can use to move your character in any of the direction you want.





With the question asked under, try out to find your query (if any) and the solution to it. We have discussed all the arising queries related to the Pokeom Go Location hack and Fly GPS app.

Q1: How to hack Pokemon GO and spoof location with Fly GPS app?

It is one of the most frequently asked questions here on our blog. The tutorial available under is to guide you through the installation and proper configuration of Fly GPS app on your Android device. Also, there’s a complete step-wise guide in the post above to teach you about how to fake/spoof location in Pokemon GO and control your Pokemon trainer with a joystick.

Q2: Fly GPS not working, Pokemon GO says failed to detect location/GPS signal not found.

This is a well-known issue with Fly GPS, which came up right after the release of the Android security update.

  • Downgrade your phone/tablet Android version to the previous release i.e. any version before the March 2017.
  • Or, you can install Fly GPS on your phone as a system app.

Well, the saddest part is that both the above methods will require your device to be rooted.

Q3: While using Fly GPS, Pokemon GO shows red bar on the top that says no GPS detected.

That usually happens when mock locations are enabled which conflicts with the Pokemon GO. It can be solved easily, you need to turn your location access off first and then swap it to the allow access option.

Q4: How can I avoid soft ban and hard ban while using Fly GPS?

The best possible way to avoid any possible soft ban in Pokemon GO while using Fly GPS is to use the joystick controls wisely and slowly move your character around because Niantic servers keep a constant track of your last location.

It will be my suggestion to use location hacking apps wisely to protect your account from any type of bans.

So, this was all about the guide to Pokemon Go location hack/Spoof the GPS location. If found any query regarding the app or its features do Comment in the comment section.

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