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Pokemon Go Cheat To Hack Joystick + Location Spoofing Apps

Are you in search for some of the best location spoofing apps that work with the Pokemon GO Gen 2? You have come to the right place, here we have mentioned all the working Pokemon Go location hacking apps for Android. Also, we have shared Pokemon Go cheat to hack Joystick into the game. Pokemon Go Mod and hack are used in a vast quantity by recent survey but we will say to support the developer work.

Many of our blog visitors were asking for the Pokemon Go Location hack apps and GPS spoofing apps, so for that fellow trainers we have shared here different working hacks for location hack and tested GPS spoofing apps with the complete installation guide.

The apps we have tested at ModApkHax include FlyGPS, GPS JoyStick, Fake GPS Joystick, and TutuApp. We found out that all of these methods are working flawlessly on Pokemon GO 2nd Generation for Android. It is working fine with the older version of Pokemon Go and Pokemon Go ++.

 Note: It might happen that your device has recently received an Android security update then it is also possible that many of these location spoofing apps have stopped working on your device and the Pokemon GO shows you ‘failed to detect location’ error. If you are experiencing this problem and searching for a solution then please follow the tutorial available here to continue spoofing in the Pokemon GO.  



Do you want to know more about these methods? Please continue reading…we are now going to share the tips & tricks to hack joystick into Pokemon Go as well as tested location spoofing apps under.

How To Hack Pokemon Go!

Below are 5 secure and tested methods by us to spoof/hack the location in Pokemon Go. These methods will not only help you to hack Pokemon Go joystick android but also will help you to increase your XP with best location spoofing apps for Pokemon Go Apk.

Methods To Hack Pokemon Go

GPS Joystick
GPS JoyStick app provides you with ultimate location option flexibility which means you can use three different location options
Advantage of Fly GPS is that it gives you an on-screen joystick while playing Pokémon Go
Tutu App
TutuApp for Pokémon Go is the easiest and best method to spoof location on Android as the developer of the app provides a slighly modded version of Pokémon GO by incorporating a native joystick and location spoofing abilities.
Issues Of Pokemon Go Location Spoofing
Fix with your character which is teleported back to your real location and the cause of this sudden teleportation is the fake GPS data is being overridden by the real GPS data. Fixed here

Pokemon go Android crack with Joystick (Arrow keys) to move together with location spoofing and that means you can enjoy Pokemon go from anywhere on the planet.

The best location spoofing app designed only for Pokemon Go users is  GPS Joystick App. If you are in search for method to mock location using an overlay joystick controller then this method is the best one.

The best in GPS JoyStick app is that it provides you with the ultimate location option flexibility. You can use three different location options, and all of them can be configured according to your requirements. You can select up to three different speed settings as well as an automated option that walks your Pokémon GO character to the assigned location at your customized pace.

Settings Of GPS Joystick App includes:

  • Setting mock location manually using either latitude & longitude coordinates, or use the search function in the app.
  • Use your current location that can be detected automatically via your device’s GPS.
  • Use the last saved location where you closed the app.


  • Must allow “Unknown Sources” from app settings.
  •  Your device must be running at the latest android version.
  • A working internet connection.

Download GPS JoyStick:

Don’t be afraid of downloading and installation process is too easy. The complete guide is here. Now you can download and install GPS JoyStick Fake GPS Location app for Android from here and start controlling your Pokemon trainer using the joystick.

What makes Fly GPS one of the most trusted PoGo location spoofing app for Android is it’s best location spoofing feature which is completely free. Fly GPS is a free Pokémon Go spoof location app which is used by a large number of spoofers without any issue.

There are numerous features in Fly GPS including location search, option to add the favorite location, recent search history. All of which makes it easy for you to take your character move to any part of the world to capture Pokemon.  Fly GPS gives on-screen joystick while playing Pokémon Go, using which you can easily navigate your character around the area, catch all those Pokemon.


  • Must allow “Unknown Sources” from app settings.
  •  Your device must be running at the latest android version.
  • A working internet connection.

Note: Pokemon Go Users For Android 4.4 KitKat and Android 5 Lollipop, must need to have a rooted device.

Download & Use Fly GPS :

Want to try Fly Gps- Location Spoofing App on Your Android device? Don’t know how to use the app? No Problem! We have shared the complete guide on how to download and use Fly GPS app on an android device with the video tutorial.

I hope you will get the complete guide of Fly GPS location spoofing app in Pokemon Go easily. For any query do comment in the comment section.

TutuApp is available for both rooted and non-rooted device. Tutu App for Pokémon Go is known as the easiest method to spoof location on Android as the developer of the app provides a slightly modified version of Pokémon GO by a native joystick and location spoofing abilities.

The best part though the TUTU App is that it contains all of the paid apps on Google Play Store and charges no fees whatsoever to download them. Isn’t that cool? Well that isn’t it. The Latest modified version of Tutu App for Pokémon Go for Android available is v2.3.18.

TutuApp APK Key Features:

  • Provides all kinds of applications on official app stores for free like Pokemon Go.
  • Provides modded applications with unlocked in-app purchase for free
  • Does not require root access on Android or jailbreak on iOS.
  • Several methods to download TutuApp.
  • BBuilt-in cache and memory cleaners.
  • Attractive and smooth user interface with easy navigation service.

TUTU App Download Info:

TutuApp APK Details
Version: V2.3.18
File Size: 5 MB
Minimum Requirement: Android 4.1+
Package: TutuApp-com.feng.droid.tutu
Features of TutuApp: Download Modded Apps for Free
Available in: Google Drive
Latest Update: Oct 03,2017



How To Install The Tutu App On Android?

  • Download TutuApp APK for Android from above link.
  • Now, go to your device’s settings and make sure you have enabled the options which lets you install applications from unknown sources.
  • Once you have enabled the option, open the downloaded TutuApp APK file and tap install.
  • Once the app is done installing, you can open it right away or later on from the app drawer

It had been surveyed that TUTU App is not working fine with the previous version of Pokemon Go, so must update the Pokemon Go version to the latest update from Playstore. The Pokemon Go app provided by TutuApp is just a mirrored APK of the original Pokémon GO app.

There are mainly two common issues arises with Pokemon Go Location Spoofing. Both the issues are discussed under in detail with the problem fixation guide.

  1. Rubber Banding Problem
  2. Soft Ban Problem

Rubber Banding Problem

The most popular problem with the Pokemon Go users is the rubber banding. The rubber-banding problem occurs when you are navigating around the spoofed location and suddenly your character is teleported back to your real location. And the cause of this sudden teleportation is the fake GPS data is being overridden by the real GPS data. The rubber banding effect happened several times causes soft bans. And when you are soft banned, the Pokémon you try to catch will flee. Moreover, spinning PokéStop will not give you any item.

How To Fix Rubber Banding Problem?

You can try any one of the three ways under to get rid of the rubberbanding problem.

  • Set Android phone location accuracy option to the only GPS (never use high accuracy).
  • Try to be at a location where no GPS signal (basement or room without windows should do the trick).
  • [Trick] Wrap the backside of your phone in 2 to 4 layers of tin foil to block GPS signals from reaching your phone.

How To Fix Soft-Ban Problem?

To fix soft-ban by rubber banding problem there are two working methods. You can choose any one of them as your requirement.

First one is to wait for 2 to 6 hours, and the other one is to follow the steps below:

  • Open the Poké Stop,
  • Spin the circle,
  • Close the Poké Stop.

Repeat the steps at least 20times to cache out the data entry. Yeah! It sounds strange but it’s tested and true to our knowledge.

Final Words:

This was all about the working methods to hack Pokemon Go. You may try any one of them as per your choice. All the methods for Pokemon Go Location hack are true to our knowledge.

What are your thoughts on the mentioned location spoofing apps? Did any GPS teleporting method help you to spoof your location? Let us know in the comments below. 

We would be happy to hear your feedback. And don’t forget to like our Facebook Page: ModApkHax

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